9 thoughts on “千呼萬喚 – 2015 申請結果

  1. 这是2015年优秀的大学录取的人次, 应该不是录取的人数;因为一个优秀学生可以被几所好大学录取。 HS2应该把实际录取的人数提供出来,而不是提供录取的人次。谢谢!

    1. Hi, Henry. 這是我們實際被錄取的人數. 例如我們確實有132個學生被 UC Berkeley 錄取. 事實上, 這些數字遠低於我們實際錄取的人數, 因為不是每個學生都回復給我們, 或者把全部被錄取的學校名單都報告給我們知道.

  2. 是否能順便附上申請人數?這樣才能知道真正的錄取率及趨勢…Henry的意思好像是說很多人被multiple schools錄取.謝謝!

  3. Does this statistics include Northern and Southern California? What about just Northern california or specific sites?

    Also, I think it will be helpful to show for example: Boston University – x number of students applied from H2S, y number of students got accepted by Boston U; also show the % acceptance rate for Boston U (if available) for the general public in parallel.

    These absolute numbers for each school does not necessarily show the significant advantages that students get a higher acceptance rate from H2S vs not from H2S.

    For example, say that in a private high school in the bay area, they have 6 people accepted to Princeton. But without actual number of class of 2019 gradated from that high school who applied to PU, 6 could mean 1% rate if they have 600 students of class of 2019 applied to PU, or could mean 10% if they only have 60 applied.



    1. Hi, Helena. Thank you for your comment. This is just a brief summary of the acceptances. We do have a very detailed results analysis report. If you are our customer, pls can contact your branch manager to see the report. Thank you!

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