2 thoughts on “成功進入理想大學的臨門一腳

  1. 1. My child is a 9th grader currently taking Geometry. Do you think he should take summer school to test out of Algebra II before 10th grade? He currently has 97% in Geometry, but he doesn’t like math. He doesn’t know what he likes yet. He wants to study for ACT in summer, do football training, volunteer and maybe Algebra II summer school. Can you list the priority for me?

    2. If he does 2 “varsity” sports in 11th grade, is that a plus for college application or not really? Because in order for him to get to Varsity, he has to do 10th grade JV sport to reach 11th grader Varsity sport, but is it important?

    1. Hi, Coco. I don’t have certain answers for your questions without knowing your child’s situation and his goals. However, pls be careful if you decide to let him take a summer Math class. Sometimes, it is hard to students to get solid Math foundation from a 6-week summer class. Varsity/JV sports could be valuable on the college applications but it also depends on how strong his school team is (what division). Thank you!

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