Joshua Ren 爸爸的見證

在此再度恭喜 Joshua 成功被史丹福大學以全額獎學金錄取並感謝 Joshua 爸爸大方見證!


I am happy and blessed, but beyond that I cannot find the words to express my gratitude and appreciation towards HS2 Academy. To put simply, HS2 Academy brought out the potential that was in my son, Joshua Ren, and led him to where he is now, an admitted student to the Class of 2022 at Stanford University.

Before knowing about HS2, I knew that, like many other gifted kids, Joshua had the potential to do great things. However, in order for him to achieve this, Joshua needed to receive a fascinating and, for lack of a better term, mind-boggling education at a top school. Both I and Joshua’s mother knew we could do little to help him with this path; however, we came to the conclusion that we would turn to HS2 Academy for the insight and guidance that they could provide.

Joshua had been with another college preparatory organization before, but HS2 treated Joshua differently than the other organization had; they treated Joshua as a growing person. HS2 understood Joshua’s potential, and the staff there did everything in their power to promote and nurture it. Each counseling meeting was consistent, social, and friendly. Patrick and Katheryn gave Joshua numerous pieces of great advice and really impressed us with their dedication and professionalism, while Mandy provided Joshua with other great support. I remember staying in one of the meetings, and it amazed me how much it flowed like a productive conversation, with the counselor promoting Joshua’s strengths and constructively critiquing and improving his weaker sides. Honestly, the team at HS2 is very organized and developed Joshua into being a well-rounded and unique individual. I can undoubtedly say that HS2 pushed Joshua to his limits, and I am so thankful that HS2 techniques and guidance sparked the inner drive inside of Joshua.

James Ren


我非常高興和幸運,除此之外,言語無法表達我對HS2Academy的感激和讚賞。簡而言之,HS2 Academy啟發了我兒子Joshua Ren的潛力,並順利讓他成為了史丹福大學2022班級的入學學生。

在接觸HS2 Academy之前,我知道Joshua像許多其他有天賦的孩子一樣,他有潛力去成就大事。 為了達成他的目標,我們以協助Joshua進入一所頂尖大學裡去接受一個更高階的,最有啟發性的優質教育為目標。我和Joshua的母親都深知,我們無法幫助他成功達標。於是,我們決定去找HS2 Adacemy, 接受他們所提供的專業見解和指導。

實際上, 我們之前幫Joshua註冊了另一個大學申請顧問公司,但HS2 Academy 輔導Joshua的方式與之前的顧問公司不同。他們把Joshua看作是一個成長中的人。 HS2 Academy了解Joshua的潛力,那裡的工作人員竭盡所能地培養和扶植他的各項潛力。每個諮詢會議都是品質一致,非常友善的交流。Patrick和Katheryn給了Joshua無數很棒的建議,他們的奉獻精神和專業精神給我們留下了深刻的印象,而Mandy 對Joshua也是大力協助。我記得親自參與了其中一次會議,我感到驚訝,許多事情就很有成效的溝通了,升學顧問幫Joshua 彰顯優點,並有建設性地指正和改善了他的缺點。說實話,HS2 Academy的團隊是非常有組織的,使得Joshua成為一個全面而獨特的個人。我毫無疑問地說,HS2 Academy     讓Joshua發揮極限,我非常感謝HS2 Academy的專業技術和指導激發了Joshua內心的動力。

James Ren

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