Judgment Day For Asian Students In The Supreme Court Is Coming

October 31st, 2022. Mark your calendar, this is a big day for democracy that will have a ripple effect far and wide. Not only will it have consequences politically but also for the future of the next generation. It’s the day the US Supreme Court will consider and argue in the two cases of SFFA vs Harvard and the University of North Carolina for discriminating against Asian Students in admissions. 

Why is it important? It has the potential to alter the core principle of our nation, such as the fourteen amendments which guarantee all citizens “equal protection of the laws.” When it says equal protection, that means race, sex, age, religion, and so on. So if Harvard and other universities use race as a criterion in admissions, it is breaking the core foundation on which this nation was founded. When universities are using racial quotas, that’s racist anyway you cut it. Harvard picks and chooses which race they want more. 

Harvard would probably use affirmative action for its argument. Originally Affirmative Action was initiated to help African Americans improve their opportunities in all government funded programs. Later on, it was used for all minorities including Asians. In a sense it was used as a weapon against Whites, hence some people argue it’s reverse racism.  The irony here is that “Asians” are also “minorities”. But they are being excluded because they are better at school. So it’s sort of like reverse reverse racism. 

Of course, Harvard et al. will claim that they did it in the name of diversity. So it’s ok to be racist for the sake of diversity? Which one is more important, diversity or equality? They can’t have both. If Harvard and others are allowed to use diversity as an excuse to get around the 14th Amendment, then what’s stopping some people from discriminating against others? Doesn’t it set a precedent to use diversity as a cause for denying certain groups from working in an institution, be it public or private? The United States of America is the number one nation in the world regarding equality, and now we have to forsake it for some universities because they want more diversity. 

I’m actually pro-diversity and see many advantages of having one, but not at the sacrifice of equality which I think is more important. The balance tips the scale of which is more important, equity for all vs diversity that benefits certain groups but not others, don’t you agree? And to be perfectly honest, the government should stay out of the debate whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the government should be the one upholding the law, not taking sides. The current government is encouraging the practice as can be seen here, https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/585029-doj-urges-supreme-court-to-reject-harvard-affirmative-action/amp/

Why then are Harvard and others pursuing it? There are many, but a few guesses are political correctness, public scrutiny, donors’ pressure, and “about face”. One recent example is the news about Columbia University being taken off the US News ranking due to faulty data submitted. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2022/09/12/columbia-university-incorrect-data-us-news-college-rankings/10358383002/. One has to wonder why such a prestigious university goes to such lengths to lie and cheat to move up the ranking? Maybe they feel guilty, or they want to look good in the public’s eyes by being more diverse. See this excerpt from the articles. 

We have to understand that these universities are businesses. They also have bottom lines they need to reach every year. They can parade themselves as the most diverse and get donations. The higher the ranking the more students apply. Do you see where this is going? Furthermore, I think these administrators at top universities are a bunch of hypocrites. Would they publish the percentage of Asians on the board of trustees, or members of their faculties? Talk about diversity. 

So why bother going to these colleges? It’s because they have the best education systems, top professors, and a large endowment which all benefits the ones who got in. I believe the top US universities employ most Nobel prize winners as their faculties. The Harvard endowment is the size of a small country’s GDP. Can you imagine the quality of education and the services provided for its students with that kind of money? I doubt all their faculties agree with the school’s admission practices, but they are afraid to speak up for obvious reasons. Remember this is not the first time Harvard has discriminated against an ethnicity. Harvard did it to the Jews and now we are allowing it to do it again. Do not let history repeat itself. 

For those who benefited from these unscrupulous practices, don’t they feel they are being disgraced? These colleges treated them as lower or not as good, that’s why they needed help to get in. I remember reading an article, a candidate wrote only #BLM in his personal statement over and over again. He got accepted to Stanford. Try writing “I’m Asian 100 times” and see if you get in. 

One of the most unethical and shameless practices of the admission process is grading students for their personality traits. Asians are graded as lower on traits such as “likability,” “helpfulness,” “integrity,” and “courage”. How could you label a whole ethnicity and deny applicants equal opportunity? So Harvard admission hates Asians? If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is. How could the admission tell an individual as lacking these traits if they never met her/him? This is stereotyping at the highest level. Most Asians are known to keep to themselves and work hard and mind their own business, never creating problems for anyone. What’s wrong with that? We are punished for being quiet and not protesting at any chance we get? So all Asian students are liars because they lack integrity? Or don’t volunteer or contribute to the community? I have seen many of our students take the initiative to help their community out of their compassion. What a bunch of BS. 

In conclusion, racism in any form is wrong regardless of who you are or where you come from. It is a line that we do not cross, or we go back to the middle ages. If one chooses diversity over equality, then she/he condones racism, which is unacceptable. Diversity is important, but this is not the way to do it. There are better and more effective ways to promote diversity in colleges. Higher education should be about free thinking void of any political agenda. The key to improving diversity is in secondary schools, not universities. But that’s for another discussion. I wrote my thoughts on how to improve diversity in another article if you are interested. The two things that are paramount in today’s topic as well as the outcome of the Supreme Court decision are no racial quotas and complete transparency in college admissions. Their admission data has to be available to the public and ready to be audited at any time. That’s only fair. Otherwise, strip them of all government grants so they can operate privately and do whatever they wish. Make your voice heard or we will be labeled as having no courage and character. Speaks to everyone about our cause and why this is important to everyone in the US, not just Asians. Call your local politicians and use your votes. Support organizations that fight for our cause and rights as a citizen of the US. Here is a Facebook group in support of admission for all, https://www.facebook.com/groups/equaleducationrightsforall

Finally, a shut out to those Asian students who got in and voice their support of the Harvard admission racial quotas. It’s an insult to those who qualified but didn’t get in because of their skin colors. Just shut up and enjoy your luck. Imagine if the Jews who escaped racism from Europe in the Second World War mocked their brethren who got left behind to suffer. But those Jews didn’t forget their fellow compatriots and helped them as much as they could, sacrificing their wealth and resources (respect). Now that’s a unity that you lack. Stop throwing rocks at those less fortunate. You are not better. Maybe Harvard is right. You are racist to your own kind. One day when Harvard denies your daughters/sons admission because they are Asians, then you will wake up. Now go back to your dorms and learn to be a better person. 

And to those Asian tenures who also support racism in admissions. please stop! I hope one day soon the universities will abolish preferential treatment to siblings of employees just like they did away with legacy. It’s coming. 

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