March 3, 2015

洛杉磯 TV18.8 專訪

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February 25, 2015

Ann Lee 給大家的一封信

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Dear HS2 Family,

I have great news if you haven’t heard already! HS2 Academy has received national and worldwide media exposure in the L.A. Times news article: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-adv-asian-race-tutoring-20150222-story.html#page=1. Please take a look!

However, I am disappointed with the overall message. I do not think it accurately reflects what we actually do at HS2, nor the community we serve. Although the author, Frank Shyong, is Chinese-American and we spoke extensively in person about HS2’s students and services, I felt he did HS2 and the surrounding communities (all of San Gabriel Valley!) a disservice by casting everyone in a somewhat negative light. It seemed he already had preconceived notions about after-school and college prep programs like ours, and didn’t really bother to get to really know HS2 and how special we are, how set apart we are from other academies. (Patrick had the perfect phrase for it — “lazy journalism”).

I know we all poke fun at the Asian community we serve together behind closed doors because we do know some students who seem to really fit the Asian stereotype. And yes, we may have a couple windowless classrooms. But we also know first-hand that every student we have is an individual and comes with a story… we have students who play piano, chess, soccer, golf, win debate competitions, win poetry contests, get published, do amazing scientific research, get incredible internships, have top leadership positions, and travel around the world each summer. We have lazy students and over-achieving students; we have crazy, stressed out parents as well as laid-back, supportive parents. We have students who just stepped off an airplane, whose parents have no clue what an SAT II subject test is and other students whose parents memorize the U.S. News rankings each year. To publish articles like these takes away our students’ individualism and invites others to judge our students unfairly.

Here is a letter I wrote to the L.A. Times author in response to the article:

Hi Frank,

I just read the article this weekend. While I am flattered by the media exposure and enjoyed working with you, I must say I’m a little disappointed with the article. The main message seems to perpetuate the Tiger Mom/Asian nerd image, although I strongly believe that many of our Asian students are well-rounded and self-driven. They really just need an “edge” to help them stand out from their friends who look similar on paper. Moreover, I talk a lot about how it is difficult for Asians to get into top colleges at my seminars because my target audience is largely students and parents living in very heavily concentrated Asian communities. But I say, as I always do in every one of my seminars, that admissions is harder not only because they are Asian but also because they attend competitive high schools and live in a competitive state. (I always joke that I’ll move to Alabama one day to increase my kids’ chances of admissions.) There are many factors that play a part in college admissions, not only race, and I want to be clear about that because I don’t want to receive hate mail from those who think I’m propagating racist notions. I have many friends of all races and backgrounds in education and playing the race card requires very clear and sensitive communication, not generalizations.

I really wanted to show you that HS2 was not a typical “cram school”  but rather, a place that approached college prep more holistically and tried to provide role models to students because we’ve “been there, done that.” We certainly never want to support the idea that our Asian students “study until they can’t remember how to have fun and stuff their schedules with extracurriculars.” Those are more like Asians in Asia, not Asians in the U.S.! There are many types of Asian parents and students, and reinforcing stereotypes can be a disservice to the Asian community. In reality, Tiger Moms are dying off and being replaced by Americanized Asians like us who are approaching parenting much more consciously, adopting from both Asian and American traditions. I had a ton of fun myself when I was in high school and I believe that my entire staff is dedicated to making sure our Asian students don’t forget to have fun in their youth by emphasizing work-life balance and the importance of happiness as an ultimate goal.
HS2 has come to provide a central service to the Asian community and I feel it is our duty to not only help students and educate parents, but also to protect their honor and respect their decisions. I hope you understand why I am sending you this email. I just want Asians to have media exposure that accurately portrays their motives and desires. After all, these are people’s dreams and lives, not to be boxed into a stereotype, but to be graciously deconstructed to be better understood by our society.

Thank you for listening.

Ann Lee



February 24, 2015

來自 MIT 的一封信

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Andy K. Greeting from MIT (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, Year of 2014) Millbrae

Hello HS2 Staff,

How have you been? Hopefully everything has been going great!

Life at MIT is difficult, but I definitely won’t be happier anywhere else. The coursework at MIT is definitely difficult–much more difficult than high school work. Probably can’t get expect to get too many A’s anymore! But at the same time, there so many great extracurricular activities (such as dance!) and student groups here, which serve to ease the stress a bit. It is quite a delicate balance, and finding that balance is part of my life as a MIT student.

I don’t remember how many schools that I got into, although I do know that number is more than 20. The most notable colleges that I got into were MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Wesleyan, Harvey Mudd, University of Michigan, UC Davis.

Hs2 was definitely instrumental for me to gain acceptance into all these colleges. Sure, I did have the components necessary to be a candidate for these colleges, such as grades, extracurricular activities, etc. But at the same time, so does many students around the United States, and around the world. Hs2’s one-on-one college planning service was the factor that allowed my application to truly shine. Without the diligence of the Hs2 staff, especially my advisor’s, I would not have been able to get into these top colleges. I remember the endless nights that my counselor stayed with me in the office, and many other nights when he edited my many, many essays (at least 25-30 different supplements) via telephone correspondence. For sure, I am forever, forever grateful! And props to my SAT tutor at HS2, for helping me so much with the English sections (I was able to get an 800 in writing!).

All and all, the staffs here deserve so much praise. Their knowledge and their diligence to serving high students are quite unparalleled, and I highly recommend HS2 to aspiring college students!

Thanks, and good luck!


February 23, 2015


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February 22, 2015

北加州家長 快開始規劃孩子的暑假!

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講座題目:如何規劃暑假 為大學申請準備加分(英文)

主講人: 哈佛大學教育碩士, 前哈佛大學入學面談員 Ann Lee

3 月13 日週五 晚七點 Pleasanton 分校

3 月14 日週六 下午一點 Fremont, 下午三點 Cupertino分校

Irvine Chinese seminar 3


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UC 分校 加州居民錄取率 外州學生錄取率 外籍學生錄取率 加州居民學生比例 非加州居民學生比例
UC Berkeley 18.8% 19.4% 9.9% 66% 34%
UCLA 16.3% 26.2% 17,0% 58% 42%
UC San Diego 30.2% 43.2% 39.7% 64% 36%
UC Irvine 33.3% 50.4% 40.7% 74% 26%
UC Davis 38.1% 56.6% 45.6% 73% 27%
UC Santa Barbara 36.9% 38% 30.7% 78% 22%
UC Santa Cruz 53.6% 85% 68.8% 80% 20%
UC Riverside 57.1% 62.5% 50.6% 90% 10%
UC Merced 65.9% 48.3% 37.9% 95% 5%

數字是從這裡來的: http://www.ucop.edu/news/factsheets/2014/fall-2014-admissions-table2.pdf

加州居民 UC 錄取分數統計

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這麼重要的資料當然要跟最愛加大的你們分享.  但是請記住這個資料是不包含其他考慮因素, 這些因素絕對也會影響錄取機會, 像種族, 課外活動及申請資料等.


February 19, 2015

祝大家新年新氣象!平安圓滿! 心想事成!

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February 16, 2015

另類的 UC 介紹

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在 youtube 上看到這個介紹UC分校的影片, 有趣中不乏真實面, 當然一定要跟最愛UC的你們分享!

February 6, 2015

2015 年全新教育講座

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主講人: 哈佛大學教育碩士, 前哈佛大學入學面談員 Ann Lee


2月 21 號 週六下午 1 點 Fremont 分校

2 月 21 號 週六下午 3 點Cupertino分校





主講人: 哈佛大學教育碩士, 前哈佛大學入學面談員 Ann Lee

2月 28 號 週六下午 1點 爾灣分校

2月 28 號 週六下午 4點 亞凱迪亞分校


核桃市分校 (909) 595-8482

爾灣分校 (949)733-9888

喜瑞都分校 (562) 926-8488

聖瑪莉諾分校 (626) 570-8885

阿凱迪亞分校 (626) 447-8848

菲爾蒙市: 510-354-8888

古布提諾: 408-725-8882

Pleasanton: 925-460-9888

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